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Supernatural is off the air for another season, and unless I was high on Tylenol,
the season finally sucked pretty hard core. Not to be shallow and vapid. Ok, to be shallow and vapid...

I am sick of seeing Adam. Like really sick. The kid isn't pretty, he has no charisma, he's just
a meat sack with the name Winchester tattooed on his ass, so they can kill a member of the family
off every few episodes without having to reboot a new season with another juicy, touched by an angel, resurrection. Not that I'm complaining about Micha touching anyone.
I really hope that wasn't the apocalypse. It's like being promised a firework show, only to have
a drunk guy named Larry fart and set it on fire. Thanks a lot WEBN, I hope I didn't pay to see that.

Season six had better rock as hardcore, like Dean dancing on top of the Impala, with clones, doing the cancan, or I will be a Prince Humperdink level of disappointed. People will be strapped down and set to fifty, I am not playing.

Ok, that's a lie. I still get to stare at Castiel and Dean for another 22 episodes, I'll probably be too spaced out to care. Who wants White Castles?


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