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Wiredoll Did This Amazing Art for the 2013 Reverse Big Bang. I wrote the accompanying story Tony Stark's Guide to Surviving Neverland on A03.

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Is this a dream? lol
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I've posted this bit of awesome everywhere else. Bon bon.

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Between, thanks JoJo, and their addictive Bloon, I've been playing a dart slinging super monkey that looks surprisingly like my shower basket plush monkey, from Jackie's bachelorette, the one that screams monkey noises and scares the crap out of my cats when I get reeeally bored. Between that and triple masteries on Farmville this weekend, I'm amazed I made it to the bookstore twice. Currently watching Agent 86 oldskool it up and recovering from Yoga Booty Ballet.

Michael made fun of me for starting a Star Trek collection, but, hilariously, mom recommended her favorite episodes, insisting I watch The Trouble With Tribbles a.s.a.p.
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Supernatural is off the air for another season, and unless I was high on Tylenol,
the season finally sucked pretty hard core. Not to be shallow and vapid. Ok, to be shallow and vapid...

I am sick of seeing Adam. Like really sick. The kid isn't pretty, he has no charisma, he's just
a meat sack with the name Winchester tattooed on his ass, so they can kill a member of the family
off every few episodes without having to reboot a new season with another juicy, touched by an angel, resurrection. Not that I'm complaining about Micha touching anyone.
I really hope that wasn't the apocalypse. It's like being promised a firework show, only to have
a drunk guy named Larry fart and set it on fire. Thanks a lot WEBN, I hope I didn't pay to see that.

Season six had better rock as hardcore, like Dean dancing on top of the Impala, with clones, doing the cancan, or I will be a Prince Humperdink level of disappointed. People will be strapped down and set to fifty, I am not playing.

Ok, that's a lie. I still get to stare at Castiel and Dean for another 22 episodes, I'll probably be too spaced out to care. Who wants White Castles?

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I named 27 US presidents in 5 minutes How many US presidents can you name in 5 minutes?
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Fun at the party last weekend right?
I had a good time going with Maria and grabbing snacks and decorations.
Jackie, I dig your whole blue and green thing.
Everyone does pink and white.

I love, love, love that it's finally spring time. No more freezing cold temps.
Yuck! Can't take a bus in Cincy anymore, everyone is freaking crazy as hell.
Seriously though, why are all of the crazy drivers out on Tuesday.
You'd think that would be the best day. :p
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I'm going to take a moment and be very shallow.

These two are so cute. They're my favorite presidential couple, after Abby and John.
(Yes, I am aware that I'm a freak.)
I love when he mouths ILU during their dance.

I think since he had to take the oath twice, they should thrown another party.
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Since Outlander might be made into a movie I made a dream cast list, not taking accents into account. xD

My Dream Outlander Cast )
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I have waited eight years for tonight's victory.
America has shown that she has the will to change.
When we are pressed, we will overcome our fears, to
stand up for the rights of the working middle class.
This year I am proud to live in a blue state.

May our new President-Elect be able to heal America
and straighten out some of the damage that's been done
over the past four years.
Listen to this man speak and deny he has charisma.

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No, really, props to Groban. Yay Nostalgia. :D
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House Starts this Tuesday at 8:00
The new episode guest stars Felicia Day who's latest previous role was Penny in
Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog
Just thought you should know.

Meme cleverly stolen from Jojo )
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If you're amused, check out the first three acts on I-tunes.
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If I had a million dollars, I would use it to watch Batman.
Batman v.s. Ironman )

What kind of armor would you build?
My armor's going to smell like Pink Sugar.
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Does Size Matter

Does anyone else find it annoying when a printing house changes the font size in a book to deliberately mislead the reader into thinking the book is larger than it is?

It's one thing to make the print larger to appeal to an older generation of readers who need larger type.

It seems like some publishing houses change the size of the book to placate the reader. If the reader wants a light read, make it thinner. If the reader prides themselves on reading thick books, lets just up the font size a tad.

There should be two standard sizes in each type of book published. One general size and typeface and one larger size marketed as easy to read, if the target audience is appropriate.

There was some discussion this morning about readers making a big deal out of font size in an author's new book. The book in question was the same size as the previous three in the series but the larger font attempted to cover up the fact that the book was about eighty pages shorter.

In this instance it is a big deal because it's misleading.
When a reader already has three books and buys a forth that looks exactly the same size, it stands to reason that they will be getting equal bang for their buck, not half the value.

I realize the author is under no obligation to write a longer book. However, it behooves the publishing house to be honest about the fact that the book is shorter, especially if it's shorter at their request.

We wouldn't accept half a box of cereal, or half of an adobe program, or half a tank of gasoline without a significant decrease in price. Why should we accept half of a book?

Maybe the price of books should be based upon length/eloquence, as opposed to length/wordiness.

The only thing most consumers would accept half of at full price is something that has equal the value and function of the original and takes up less space. Or something that comes in a cooler package.

Some may argue that the books look nicer if they come in a standard format. I am sympathetic to said argument. Another solution, have publishing houses print the word count on the spine or back cover.
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I can't even begin to describe the lulz.
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